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May 06 2012

Starting the Countdown

Mid-April I wrote a heart-felt, soul baring blog post that identified my strongest challenges and most difficult self-realizations. I labored for an hour and a half composing the perfect wording and channeling my fears, frustrations, and negative thoughts into a hopeful and resolute outlook. Then my internet crashed and I lost it. Go figure.


I took that as a sign to keep my whining to myself because, of course, no actually wants to read about someone else’s tragedy. (If you do, may I recommend a counselor or some wine?) Soooo, I will instead remind myself of why I continue to get up at 6:18 each morning and work till well after a sane person would stab themselves with a rusty spoon, just to earn a sick day.

One of the coolest things about me being a teacher for my friends is that they get to peripherally and with absolutely no effort relive all the best parts of their elementary school experience. If I had a fish for every time some 20-something tells me “you should… in your classroom”, I would single-handedly  relieve the globe of our nasty overfishing problem. For example, my future roommate is enthused about the last 26-days of school countdown which will provide a daily theme in our last month of school. I’m interested in it but am not entirely enthused about the particular list I found. As per teacher practice, I’ll jack half of this and supplement the other half. My goal is to not spend any money and to have days that improve the classroom so I have less cleaning to do on June 22 :)

A Art day—create a special art project in class

B Buddy reading—bring a book to read with a friend

C Career day—dress or bring props to show a job you may enjoy

D Donut day—we will enjoy donuts

E Experiment day—experiment with science

F Favorite book day—bring a favorite book

G Game day—your teacher will teach a new math game

H Hat day—wear a hat today

I Impromptu speech day—perform speeches in class

J Joke day—bring an appropriate joke to share at school

K Kindness day—share some extra kindness today

L Lollipop Day—Enjoy lollipops in class

M Memorial Day—No School

N No homework—no homework tonight

O Obstacle course—compete in obstacle courses

P Picnic lunch day—bring a sack lunch

Q Quiet Day—who is the quietest student in our class?

R Read a poem day—bring a favorite poem to share with the class

S Summer birthdays and sing a song—you can share b-day treats

T Twin day—dress like a friend

U Uplift someone day–give compliments to each other

V Video day—we’ll watch an educational movie today

W Water balloon toss day—compete and try to not get wet

X X-change autographs day—we’ll trade notes and letters to each other

Y Year end clearance day—clean up desks and the room

Z Zip up your bag and go home day—last day of school!


Looking at the calendar, I need to start this shindig on May 15. I’m going to need to come up with alternatives for the italicized days by then!


Hoo-boy. Where did this school year go?

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